Обо мне

Years at 12 I already realized that I want to be an architect, and the first step was the admission to an art school. The result of training is a red diploma, the first necessary skills in the future profession, and most importantly - new people with a creative view of the universe, new ideas, a new vision. In 2009 she graduated from the Novosibirsk Architecture and Art Academy, again with a red diploma. In parallel, I began working in an architectural firm. In 2010, priorities began to shift towards interior design, and then the idea of ​​joining the Alfa-Brand design studio appeared. Gradually, the issue of the implementation of their projects began to arise, and there was a need to grow in the field of construction and finishing works. Today, Alfa-Brand is a successful company that can perform the entire cycle of work from the generation of ideas to the delivery of the facility on a turn-key basis.

In the beginning of my activity I worked in all styles and directions. Now I clearly understand that I gravitate more towards simple, concise and understandable spaces. For me, home is a background for life. Just as a good suit looks strictly and elegantly and only emphasizes the dignity of its owner, so the interior does not have to scream about its rich decoration and labor intensity of the designer's work. More and more I hear about minimalism as a way of life, one of the elements of which is the house. In today's active, information-rich world, I really do not have enough air and freedom. Everyone should have their own space, for their thoughts. Sometimes the white wall in the children's room gives the child much more space for creativity than the many bright and fashionable gaming devices.

I'm close to the architectural approach in design. I use simple materials, the variety of projects is obtained due to different volumes of games. In every space I see my own peculiarities and moments, on which it is worth emphasizing. The rest of the chain follows from the original idea.

It is important for me that my vision of work on the interior design echoed with the customer's ideas, that he shared my worldview and attitude to design. Then our cooperation will be fruitful and the result will be appropriate.